Guide to League of Legends Account Creation

Guide to League of Legends Account Creation

It is not totally impossible to buy lol accounts but here are some steps to League of Legends account creation. LoL is an amazing MOBA game that you can get online. You only need to try it, we promise that you will be hooked to it, and it is free to play.

In LoL, you can split the players into 3-5 teams and then you can choose a champion. So they get to play a match each which takes between 20-40 minutes. The aim is to move past the defenses of your opponent and pull down their HQ (Nexus). Presently, there are 83 champions available in LoL and it is been updated about every 3-4 weeks such that the game remains as fresh as ever. There is something every champion has that differentiate them from other champions, each is unique in its abilities and has base statics. To your boost your champions’ stats further and make them yours and also unique, you can always purchase items during the match.

For so many of you that like being able to boost your character and redefine them outside of the match, that is also possible on LoL. You will gain experience and IP as you play matches. IP enables you to buy new champions and runes while the experience you are gaining increases your summoner level. The highest level in this game is 30. As you move higher to level 30, new mastery points and rune slots will be unlocked. You will then use the runes to buy IP and then allocate mastery points to strengthen your character areas of your choice for instance attack, defense, magic, damage, etc.

Ready to get started?

This is just like every other video games that you have seen or played, however, you need to note that the name you register with is not the name that will be displayed under the game. You will only use the name to sign in to the game and that all.

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